At SCT Fire & Safety Protection we design, install, commission and maintain fire alarm systems. We provide industry-leading fire detection and alarm systems, including Advanced, a global leader in fire systems and technologies. SCT are proud to be an accredited company of BAFE and NICEIC, ensuring an end to end quality. SCT are recognised as specialists and continue to install high-quality fire alarm systems. However, there are moments when false alarms need to be eliminated.

Why does my fire alarm activate for no apparent reason?

An alarm can be triggered for a variety of reasons. Consider the best detector or combination of detectors for your building to avoid false alarms. There are many sensors available, depending on where they are situated. Heat detectors are commonly used in restaurants and kitchens when there is a possibility of a fast-burning fire. However, they are susceptible to typical sources of false alarms since these detectors do not respond rapidly to the early stages of typical fires. Smoke detectors are often the preferred option in an office setting since they respond to the slowest burning fires. Standard smoke detectors may have difficulty distinguishing between fire smoke and dust, steam, cigarette smoke, and cooking vapours.

However, installing a multi-sensor detector is the most dependable method for further reducing the risk for false alarms, since the detectors are more precise in distinguishing genuine fires and environmental variables such as steam or dust, and are ready to react promptly to real fires.

If the false alarm was caused by a problem and the control panel cannot be reset, contact a qualified fire alarm contractor as soon as possible. Consider interim solutions while the system is down, such as employees monitoring high-risk areas at regular intervals and the use of a pa system in the case of an emergency.

If you are uncertain about which fire detection system and detectors to install, contact SCT Fire & Safety Protection Limited and we will recommend the best solutions for your business. We have years of expertise supplying commercial fire alarm systems and can offer unbiased and dependable advice.

What is a false fire alarm?

False alarms occur when individuals mistakenly assume that maybe something dangerous or bad is occurring when there are no plausible reasons for why the fire alarm has been triggered. It’s possible that a fire detection system activates for no obvious reason, or with good intention when a member of staff activates the break-glass or dials 999 because they feel there’s a danger. This could cause your company disruption but you must ensure the safety of all employees and follow Health and Safety regulations, and record any false alarms in the fire logbook. Make a note of why it happened (if you know) and where it happened. This is required to show compliance with fire safety legislation and to assure that the information is recorded.

If a false alarm has been intentionally triggered, SCT Fire & Safety Protection Limited can upgrade your manual call points with a break-glass cover, or move the manual call points if necessary. A wasted 999 call may result in charges.

Call us now at 028 7744 5079 to discuss a comprehensive fire risk assessment of your business. It is essential that you pick the proper equipment, since lives may be at risk!