Weekly Fire Alarm Test

Fire detection and alarm systems constantly monitor themselves to pick up faults automatically. Those responsible for the premises need to record any defects, and the fire alarm company responsible are informed.

Regular tests need to be carried out to ensure no significant failure in the fire alarm system.

Routine testing of your fire alarm system also allows the occupants of the building to become familiar with the system and the signals it produces.

Weekly fire alarm tests are perfect and simple for end-users to carry out.

What Do I Need To Do?

It’s a straightforward procedure to ensure you test your fire detection and alarm system weekly.

Use our handy checklist below to ensure your fire alarm is correctly tested weekly.

  • Each week, a manual call point should be operated during normal working hours.

  • The weekly test should be carried out at the same time each week.

  • Test a different manual call point each week to ensure all are covered over a prolonged period.

  • Record the results from your weekly check in your fire logbook.

Fire Alarm System Commissioning, Installation & Servicing Northern Ireland

To ensure that your building meets the regulations set out by the government and relevant industry bodies, you will need a specialist fire alarm company to install and maintain your fire alarm system.

A fully functioning fire alarm can save lives by alerting people at the earliest possible moment. Having a third-party accredited company can save you time and money because fewer false alarms reduce unnecessary downtime.

Whether you need an old system replaced or a new system installed on a commercial property, SCT is here to help with our specialist team of engineers.
SCT is a BAFE and SafeContractor accredited company, so you can trust that the work is correct.

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