At SCT, we customise each intruder alarm system to meet your unique requirements.

SCT Intruder Alarm Systems

The best way to avoid business disturbance is to prevent it, and SCT intruder alarms are an excellent deterrent. Every security solution is customised to the size and nature of your company or home, ensuring that you are constantly protected . Our business and home alarms also assist you meet your insurance and legal obligations as an SSAIB Approved Company.

We can design, develop, and install the perfect intruder alarm system for your specific company requirements using a variety of effective intruder alarm systems. We’ll discover the right mix of equipment to offer optimal protection, from window sensors and magnet contacts to the latest in movement and vibration detection technologies.

Intruder Alarm Servicing & Monitoring

A break-in or a fire are both traumatic events. It can be disastrous for a company. Stock losses, forced closures, and insurance concerns can all place a strain on a company’s finances. Not to mention the morale of the employees.

With three crucial phases of protection, an SCT monitored alarm system provides genuine piece of mind for company owners.

  • Prevent

  • Signal

  • Action


With an all-inclusive SCT intruder alarm, your in safe hands, making it the ideal option for those who take security seriously. With the SCT Control Plus App, and a deterrent siren, this user-friendly alarm offers full peace of mind.

Our entry-level kit includes eight main components that work together to provide an exceptional level of protection in the core areas of your home.

  • SCT External Bell box with flashing Green LED light
  • Alarm panel with integrated keypad and deterrent siren
  • 1 x Door Contact
  • 2 x Pet Friendly PIR Motion Sensors
  • SCT Control Plus App
  • Professionally installed by us
  • SSAIB Commissioning Certificate
  • Monitored 24/7/365 by our dedicated alarm centre

This entry-level kit is great for homes and businesses of all sizes.

Add additional PIR sensors and door contacts to create up to 40 zones.

Available in Wired or Wireless.

Every one of our intruder alarm packages includes guaranteed peace of mind. This cutting-edge wireless intruder alarm system combines superb wireless capability with the highest levels of reliability and performance.

  • Grade 2
  • Stand-Alone Wireless Panel
  • Up to 40 Zones
  • Up to 10 On Board Zones
  • Up to 5 Panel Outputs
  • Dedicated SAB Outputs
  • Network External Sounder Support
  • Integrated Help File
  • Integrated Keyed Keypad
  • Selectable language Per User
  • NFC Prox Tag Support
  • Voice Annunciation
  • Integrated Wireless Expander
  • Compact All-in-one design
  • Integrated 2-Button Personal Alarm
  • iOS & Android Apps
SCT Intruder Alarm System


Personalise your Intruder Alarm Kit with Add-On items that are perfect for your home.


Q. May I buy an alarm system without having to pay for monthly monitoring?
A. SCT feel that the heart of a successful intruder alarm system is to have it monitored. However, we supply systems which are both monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre and have mobile notifications. We supply each intruder alarm system to suit our customers.

Q. Does you bell box have an external siren?
A. Yes, our system has an external siren to notify those near by that your home may be under threat. This and our monitoring services help ensure that any incident is never missed.

Q. Is there a key-holder and a police response available?
A. Yes, this is the base of our most popular alarm packages, and you can add either keyholder response or police response for an additional price. Choose police response and you will receive an additional four Proximity Tags as part of the entry level kit. These may be attached to keyholder packages upon request, but will be charged separately.


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